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在市區一個小臺階上, 兩名男子正在熱吻。到附近的博物館參觀的游客們看著貼在墻上的煽情的裸像, 讀者則在瀏覽當地雜志搜索購買性玩具的最佳地點。以為你身在紐約?

再猜猜。這里是新加坡, 一個聞名遐邇的保守城市, 曾禁查過《大開眼界》、《洛麗塔》之類的電影, 更不用提像《花花公子》那樣的雜志。

雖然沒有發生性解放運動, 但近幾年來, 新加坡放寬了對藝術中“ 性”的限制。而且將有更多的自由: 預計這個月新加坡制度審核委員會將發布一個報告, 進一步放寬管理新加坡人民的書籍、電視、廣播的規定。那將意味著, 不久新加坡人也能閱讀《大都市》雜志, 甚至收看到像美國有線電視頻道播放的《欲望城市》那樣有失體統的電視節目。

這些新規則是新加坡為支持本國藝術發展所作努力的一部分。2002 年, 新加坡一家世界級的表演藝術中心——— 濱海藝術中心開放了, 它迅速成為一個視覺圖標, 長達19 個小時的歌劇《牡丹亭》也在此隆重上演。

新加坡要成為一個真正的藝術自由的堡壘, 仍有很長一段路要走。電影《芝加哥》中的大膽赤裸場景都被剪切成為適合兒童觀看級別的電影。某些話題仍十分敏感。最后, 新加坡制度審核委員會預計將會做出相對小的變化: 放寬對按次收費電視的管制, 明確電影、電視劇級別的劃分, 使觀眾對節目有所預期。這些漸進式的變化看來與民眾 味步調一致。的確, 制度審核委員會新近的一次調查顯示: 大多數人都喜歡保持現存的亞洲價值觀。因此, 別期望不久會在報亭看到《閣樓》雜志。


Sex And The City-state

On a small downtown stage, two men kiss passionately. Visitors to a nearby museum look at provocative nudes on the wall, while readers scour local magazines for the best place to buy sex toys. Think you're in New York? Guess again. This is Singapore, the famously uptight city-state better known for banning films like Eyes Wide Shut and Lolita, 2 not to mention magazines like Playboy3.

There's not exactly a free -love revolution going on, but Singapore has in recent years loosened its restrictions on sex in the arts. And more freedom is on the horizon: this month the government's Censorship Review Committee ( CRC) is expected to issue a report further easing the guidelines governing what Singaporeans read, watch and listen to. That means it may not be long before Singaporeans can enjoy Cosmopolitan magazine, and maybe even racy TV shows like HBO's Sex and the City.

The new rules are part of Singapore 's efforts to bolster its art scene . In 2002, it opened a world-class performing-arts center, the Esplanade -Theatres on the Bay, which has quickly become a visual icon and is tackling ambitious programs like the 19-hour opera The Peony Pavilion4 .

Singapore still has a long way to go to become a true bastion of artistic freedom. Sexually explicit scenes were recently cut from Chicago to give it a PG rating5. Certain topics remain very sensitive .

In the end, the CRC is expected to recommend relatively small changes: loosening controls on pay-per-view TV6 and clarifying the rating system for films and plays so viewers know exactly what to expect. Such incremental change seems to be in step with public tastes. Indeed, a recent survey by the CRC found that most people favored remaining true to existing Asian values. So don't expect to see Penthouse on newsstands any time soon.


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